Data Center Facility and Operation
to Match your Business Environment

From the Air-Conditioning to the Power Distribution and to Operations of data centers, we propose the best solution for customer’s environment in order to achieve a highly efficient and environment friendly Green Data Center. In addition, our DCPRO Mission Critical Data Center Training is the global standard datacenter training which meet the needs of engineer training to acquire the knowledge required to operate data center facilities. Please also visit our “Data Center Café,” an online news media that provides free access to the latest data center news around the world.



  • Optimize complicated datacenter infrastructure operation and improve efficiency
  • Vender neutral solution offering and operation improvement advisory
  • Meet various customers requirement from small in-house data centers to large cloud data centers
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a new class of software that gives data center operators the ability to run efficient data center operations and improve data center infrastructure planning and design. It typically replaces Excel, Visio, and home grown databases. DCIM software can bridge information across organizational domains – Data Center Ops, Facilities, and IT to maximize utilization of the data center.
DATA CENTER FACILITY CONSULTING - Power Management and CoolingDATA CENTER FACILITY CONSULTING - Power Management and Cooling

DATA CENTER FACILITY CONSULTING – Power Management and Cooling

  • Improving the power efficiency of data centers to address increasing density, while maintaining a low-risk configuration
  • Configure power equipment for data centers for stable and energy-saving operation for long life span
  • Review the air conditioning system to address rising server room temperatures and spot heat generation
DC ASIA offers Power and Cooling solutions optimized to customer’s needs and environment. Complying global standards of design guideline. From Power produces like Intelligent PDUs and environmental sensors to Colling solutions such as Chillers, Chilled Doors, Busway and AisleLok, as well as various peripherals and server cabinets – please consult DC ASIA to improve and optimize your data center facilities.


  • Helping professionals design, build and operate better data centers
  • Being more competitive by getting global recognized credentials
  • Address the challenge of skill sets at various job titles including sales person
Professional development is a continuous process that keeps you and your teams up-to-date on current trends and industry best practice, as well as helping you develop the new skills you need to advance your career and to meet your organizational objectives. DCPRO proprietary education framework we’re creating powerful blended learning solutions that enable truly continuous professional development
Data Center CaféData Center Café

Data Center Café

Data Center Café

The data center environment is changing every day. Our Datacenter focused “Data Center Cafe” provides a wide range of information on datacenter update and technology trends, as well as the operational skills and service levels required by global standards.

The current world depends on digital, and the digital depends on Data Centers. Now Data Center is quite integral and critical not only to technology industry but also human life. Data Center market and technology trends changes rapidly worldwide, but most of their information and news have been published in English only. “Data Center Café” is very unique online publication focusing on introducing global data center news and the updated trends to Japanese audience in Japanese language, based on license agreement with multiple global leading data center publications. Started on 2017 by DC ASIA Ltd., “Data Center Café” online news platform and monthly newsletter has been delivering global news to thousands of Japanese subscribers.
  1. Datacenter Consulting

    Datacenter Consulting

    Our seasoned technical consultants will offer best solutions to fit customer’s data center challenges, environment and budget.

  2. Project Management

    Datacenter Consulting

    We will undertake the system deployment project management with our responsibility and achieve it.

  3. System Setting and Procurement

    System Setting and Procurement

    Our highly skilled enginners will help you establish solid system.

  4. Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Flexible and customer centric service and support after delivered system, solution and products.

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