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Data Center Mission Critical training DCD>Academy allow you to connect and learn from industry experts from the comfort of you own home or office, reducing the time and cost associated with training. Very interactive training program with global standard credentials. DC ASIA provide these UK-based training in Japanese language with Japanese experienced instructors.

Course list


Design Engineering

  • Data Center Practitioner

    Learner target: data center managers, facility engineers and sales engineers

    42 hours in total

    • Data Center Design Awareness (DCDA) - 21 hours
    • Energy Professional (EP) - 21 hours
  • Data Center Specialist – Design

    Learner target: senior engineers, consulting specifiers, construction teams

    84 hours in total

    • Data Center Design Awareness (DCDA) - 21 hours
    • Energy Professional (EP) - 21 hours
    • Power Professional (PP) - 21 hours
    • Cooling Professional (CP) - 21 hours


  • Critical Operations

    Learner target: senior facilities, operations managers, IT operations

    77 hours in total

    • Data Center Design Awareness (DCDA) - 21 hours
    • Energy Professional (EP) - 21 hours
    • Business Continuity Management (BCM)- 14 hours
    • Operation Professional (OP) - 21 hours

Expert Instructors

  • NobuoSashida

    Nobuo Sashida

    Nobuo Sashida is a Professional Engineer from Japan in both Electrical and Electronics, and in Comprehensive Technology Management, with 40+ years of experience in engineering and business development of datacenter facilities, including power, cooling, rack, management systems and services.


    • Power Professional (PP)
    • Cooling Professional (CP)
    • Data Center Design Awareness (DCDA)
  • HideakiFujimaki

    Hideaki Fujimaki

    After retiring from Fujitsu in 2017, he founded Spiral Group Dot Biz, Inc. to focus on advanced technologies to reduce energy consumption in data centers. At the same time, as a professor at the Cyber Media Center, Osaka University, he is engaged in research on Geo replication using cold storage, AI-controlled green data centers, immersion cooling technology, and security interface methods for DC facilities.


    • Operation Professional (OP)
  • HiroyukiOnishi

    Hiroyuki Onishi

    With over 40 years Telecommunication and Datacom industry experience at NTT companies, Onishi is a CIO and/or data center advisory engineer in Japan and providing consulting services on data center planning, design and operations for domestic and international customers


    • Energy Professional (EP)
  • HideoSugiura

    Hideo Sugiura

    In 2006, he founded RSI, Inc. to help IT teams select, build, and operate data centers from the IT team’s perspective. He has more than 16 years of experience in data center-related projects, and has participated in many data center projects in Japan, especially for foreign companies​


    • Data Center Design Awareness (DCDA)
  • ShigetakaNakanishi

    Shigetaka Nakanishi


    • Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • GregShelly

    Greg Shelly

    Greg has been involved with the IT Industry for 40 years and has worked in many aspects of the business in that time. In his earlier years, Greg’s job functions were primarily technical as a hardware and network engineer with several leading technology companies within the UK.

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